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My purpose in writing this present book is to show that the German invasion was not limited to the United States, that the Boche insidious conspiracies are and were always built up in all the countries of the earth; that in these conspiracies a constant use is made of the internal strifes about purely domestic affairs in order to prepare the ways of German military aggressions. In the diplomatic laboratories of the Wilhelmstrasse, the political opinions, religious divergencies, economic conflicts of the various nations have been for many years carefully analyzed and systematically combined for the military use of Germany, just as in the chemical laboratories of the General Staff the various hydrocarbides have been carefully analyzed and systematically combined with oxygen and nitrogen for the same military use of Germany.

The moral poisoned gases of the diplomatic laboratories have not been less efficient, nor less dangerous for Germany's victims, than the physical ones of her chemical laboratories.

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I am going to expose to light a sector of this universal Boche system for utilizing the internal political passions of the various nations, in the interest of the German plans of aggression and conquest. I hope in doing this to call the vigilance of these various nations to the dangers of such German conspiracies in the future.

It would be the greatest folly to think that an apparent change of government in Berlin really' means the cessation of these dastardly plots. They form part of Prussia's policy since centuries; they will not be abandoned for what is thought by her to be a temporary reverse; they are in progress to-day and they will be in progress to-morrow everywhere, just with the same activity and brazen perfidy as they were before and during the World War.

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  7. Is it not a sufficient demonstration of that statement to show Bernstorff, the Boche arch conspirator and German Ambassador in the United States during the war, placed, after the so-called German revolution, in a leading and preponderant situation at the German Foreign Office in Berlin? I also hope, in publishing these extracts of the notes taken during my life's activities, to show to Colombia that the Boche conspiracies were the real origin of her sufferings in the Panama question; that Germany had succeeded in making her the catspaw during the Boche attempts to treacherously acquire the political and economical control of the great highway between the Atlantic and the Pacific.

    I hope that it will be the origin of a reaction in the Colombian mind and that Bogota will at last find out who has been her arch enemy, Germany, and who has always been her sincere friend, the United States. If Colombia was to be finally brought to stigmatize as traitors the Boche intriguers who have led her blindly to obstruct the generous and civilizing undertaking of the United States at Panama, it would be the most felicitous event for the moral peace of this hemisphere.

    If Colombia could extend loyally her hand to the United States and to Panama and renew the cordial relations of old days, without accepting a sum of money which it does not behoove her dignity to receive, this would be the beginning of a new era in Central America. The capital and energy of American enterprise would soon develop in Colombia the hidden wealth of her gifted territory, and give a hundred times more than the amount of an unjustified indemnity for the secession of Panama. The writer of this book, who never ceased to be a sincere friend of Colombia, though having openly helped, as was his duty, the legitimate rebellion of Panama against Colombia, would greet with intense joy such a reconciliation.

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    It would be permanent and stable because it would not be based on the grant of a sum of money which, in the future action of the Boche at Bogota, would form a solid base for renewed calumnies against the United States. Fill out the tour form below with your preferences and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a personalized itinerary and price quote.


    Multi-Day Adventure Vacations Since Snorkel around tiny tropical islands. Photograph wildlife in their natural environment. Explore off the beaten path. Go white water river rafting. See huge ships going through the Panama Canal.

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