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An amorous couple. The definition of amorous is someone or something indicating affection or desire, especially of a sexual nature. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

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From the neighbourhood, now asleep, one now only heard the miawing of an amorous tabby. It was she—it was her arms and necks which gave that semblance of amorous vitality to her fruit.

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Unsuspecting, the amorous Marto followed the old man into the room prepared. Is Achoo A Real Word?

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After a sneeze, there are a few common responses. Words related to amorous erotic , romantic , amative , amatory , aphrodisiac , ardent , doting , enamored , fond , horny , hot , impassioned , infatuated , lovesick , lustful , passionate , sexy , tender , attached. Words nearby amorous amoretto , amorino , amorist , amorite , amoroso , amorous , amorph , amorphia , amorphism , amorphous , amort.

Examples from the Web for amorous He was certainly more than anxious to have an amorous relationship. Mazel Tov, Arvind!

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The Fairy Mythology Thomas Keightley.