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Long Trip to the Cabin Brother and sister's accidental voyeurism leads to more. Weekend at the Lodge Ch. Ten Miles Beyond the Asphalt The family cabin needed repairs, so did the family. Accidents Happen Ch. A Weekend at the Cabin Three couples swap partners. Cousins Alone Ch. Kim Rents a Cabin with Coworkers Wife continues to tease coworkers. The Cabin Life on the mountain top.

Cabin Fever Ch. Snowed In Ch. The Cabin His wife's best friend watches - and then Sons and Lovers You have mine, and I'll have yours! Only Wednesday Night First rough, primal sex between siblings. Stepdaughter's Valentine's Treat Wife's daughter joins in the second honeymoon. Ian and His Sisters Ch. I'll Show You Mine If Katie at the Cabin I thought it was my wife who wanted to swap. Captured Ch. Cursing the Six The consequences of a missed pool shot can be severe. Destiny's Cabin A brother and sister find love. Captive Until Dawn Sharon faces her worst nightmare. Adventure at the Winter Cabin Spending Christmas vacation with my wife's sisters.

Cabin Essence It was me and four men all alone in the woods at night. Experimental Animal He's the animal in their experiments - until he gets free. Getting Away from It All Ch. The Lake House A trip down memory lane. Merry Christmas, Mister Lawrence A mother and son go for a winter vacation in a cozy cabin. The Cabin Setup A vacation at an isolated cabin turns wild.

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Eight Ball in Donna's Pocket Donna gets more than expected. Cabin Fever A couple's snowy adventures. Hunting Camp Wife pays an old debt for her husband. Late in the Season Steve and Flower fulfil their love during a blizzard. Master of the Hunt Grandfather and granddaughter find excitement at a fox hunt. Pinch Hitting for my Son Daughter-in-law seeks help getting pregnant.

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New Steps Ch. The Ogre in the Woods Daddy tells another stimulating bedtime story. The Rustic Cabin Ch. Cabin Hijinks Jimmy's family gets closer during a vacation at a cabin. Guys Weekend at Camp, with a Lady! A Mom crashes Guys' Weekend at the cabin. Confrontation She only wanted to confront him. Playing Around at Paul's Cabin Three friends are reunited with the help of his wife.

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That Makes Two of Us! A first date - at a nude beach! Sara and Linda in Mountains Two coeds stumble across a lesbian couple in remote cabin.

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A Fly on the Wall Gerry builds a mini-camera, never imagining what will happen. Week of Delight Ch. Kim Goes On Vacation Ch. The Days of Unforgotten A classic tale from your classic author. I removed my hood as to not draw attention from the administration Young boy on holiday fall prey to a perverted teacher and his friends who beat and use his young body A boy"s gay journey that starts from the prison to his being kidnapped.

He is freed by an insurgent and he falls in love with his benefactor. They plan to leave the country in search of greener pastures but the hurdles are more than they bargain for Based in a fantasy world where clothing is optional and sex is a casual thing A day at school with lots of sex! In the weeks leading to my Senior Prom I was ready to tell the truth, that I was gay, trouble was I damn positive that I was going to be in for a Prom From Hell, but I really didn"t see things coming like eventually unfolded Alec is a pretty cool guy.

He"s q lifeguard at a local aquatics center, and loves being around people. So why is his life so horrible? It"s because he"s gay Ryan realizes what he can do to hurt people, and the only person that can help him is his next target Story of being pick up on the road one night then coerced into submission and manipulated into becoming a willing slave to a demanding Master and his friends Slusser has the hottest teacher ever and one day he catches me looking at him in the locker room A shocking threesome takes place just 12 hours before a massive school hostage drama, involving Mr Kenny as a hostage Myself and an in-the-closet gay friend, decided to write stories to eachother about two hot gym teachers at our high school.

Here is one the first one my friend wrote Blaine is a shy introverted boy who lives and works at a lake resort.

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When he sees Troy he quickly falls in love, but is Troy a dream come true or nightmare? It was a boring Saturday afternoon and I was just kicked back watching re-run TV shows, downing a couple of cold Budweisers and waiting for my gay friend Kevin to show up All American Cam sits on the bench, while his team mate Mike hits a home run.

Watching closely reveals there is more than meets the eye A day when I was forced by a mighty muscled manly cock guy, whom I treated as enemy.

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My masculine pride was surrendered No sooner did I get on the first time when I noticed right away that there are these chat rooms and quite a few of them are for the gay and bi scene. I clicked on one of them and suddenly found myself in the midst of gay paradise! I was in that chat room for just one minute and I was getting all of these private messages, asking me about how old I am and how good looking I am and how big I am.

I don't have to tell you that I got pretty ex cited Parental controls: Wikipedia. A Gay Sex Niches. Only In My Dreams: Part 2. Rating: 6. Blindfolded : Swallowing and Rimming story. Silver Fog: Part One. Rating: 9. First of many feedings.

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Rating: 7. Class Reunion. Waggoner Park IV : Panties. Rating: 8.

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Football boy 3. Off The Field. My first anal sex experience with stranger. Mystery Threesome 9. Teacher sin. Rating: 3. The First Time with Adam. Rating: 2. Prom From Hell : Second Part. Locker room fun. Rating: 5. Swinging with Tina and Don : Part 2. Hold Me : Chapter 1. Caleb and me.

Cabin Fever: Parting Shot

My first time made me Owen and Nicolas. One Love: Part One. Alien Abduction. Mouth-to-Cock Resuscitation. Mystery Threesome : Part Rating: 0. First time gay sex With couple.