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I've no idea what it means here, except the alliteration sounds nice. Chicago is also known, in case anybody sees any connection I don't , as the Second City and there's a famous theater group there by that name or the Windy City. Here is what the OED says about toddle as a verb: a. To walk or run with short unsteady steps, as a child just beginning to walk, an aged or invalid person; also said of a similar walk or run of any animal. Snobs xlviii, We toddled into the Park for an hour.

Last edited: Mar 1, Julie is from the Windy City, I think. We should ask her. Miss Julie Senior Member Chicago metro area.

Chicago, That Toddlin' Town

It's hard to say, but to me, "toddlin'" here means exciting, bustling, energetic. There seems to be a reasonable meaning, if we start from the literal sense of 'toddling': walking like a baby. From the adult viewpoint, this motion is seen as unsteady and unsafe. Seen from the viewpoint of the toddler, however, it is more a matter of grim determination and persevering in the face of difficulty.

There is a sense of grand inevitability about the progress which is steadily made. All the time the infant looks insecure to an adult, but all the time it is learning and getting better at it. This progess cannot very easily be stopped. Display higher resolution music.

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Daniel Burnham’s great Chicago Plan turns one hundred.

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    I thought I knew the answer, but it was all based on an eggcorn, an assumption, and a few convenient facts. This meant someone who abstained from alcohol. Chicago must be a town of people who like their booze. You never know….. Then again, maybe they just do a lot of walking.