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Anyhow anywhere Kiss me there, kiss me there Scream and shout, truth or dare Kiss me there, kiss me there Kiss me there, kiss me there Kiss me there. Mais acessadas de Green Day. Makeout Party Green Day. It's a tongue twister untill your lips are bleeding Anyhow anywhere Kiss me there, kiss me there Scream and shout, truth or dare Kiss me there, kiss me there You're so precious You're a fucking delinquent I got myself jonesing and I need some fixin' It's a makeout party on another dimension And it's gonna get crowded with some bad intentions Anyhow anywhere Kiss me there, kiss me there Scream and shout, truth or dare Kiss me there, kiss me there You're so precious You're a fucking delinquent I got myself jonesing and I need some fixin' It's a makeout party on another dimension And it's gonna get crowded with some bad intentions Anyhow anywhere Kiss me there, kiss me there Scream and shout, truth or dare Kiss me there, kiss me there Kiss me there, kiss me there Kiss me there.

Editar playlist Apagar playlist tem certeza que deseja deletar esta playlist? Quem pode ouvir essa lista? Jose Cardenal looks on. Outfielder Jose Cardenal played for nine professional baseball teams over the course of his eighteen-year career, with his longest tenure being his five-year stretch with the Chicago Cubs.

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He starred in Show , Cave Dwellers. The De Lorean was a sports car produced from Famous for its gull-wing doors which opened up rather than out , the car achieved immortality for its starring turn as a time machine in the popular Back to the Future movies. Behind PTA lines.

Over the years, it has pushed for kindergarten classes, anti-child-labor laws, hot lunch programs, and the like. Most schools have a local version of the national organization. Freddy Fender! Freddy Fender was a Hispanic guitarist who started out singing Spanish pop in the s, moved to a wider audience by performing in English in the s, and later played in the band Texas Tornados. Each issue features full frontal male nudity. The magazine is largely aimed at hetero women, although it also has a substantial gay audience. I've got a scathingly brilliant idea. Okay, sound by Hanna-Barbera, fine.

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Hanna-Barbera Studio, founded in , is one of the main animation houses in the United States. Its shows tend to be cheaply drawn and produced but highly profitable. I think this place smuggles black market Galleries and Easy Riders. Two popular men's magazines of the era: Gallery magazine premiered in with interviews of famous manly men and a photo shoot with Linda Evans; Easyrider is a popular biker mag. Thanks to Stephan Hammerberg for this reference.

I still like this better than City Slickers II. Both films featured Jack Palance as tough cowboy Duke Washburn.

See previous note. Not the Self-styling Adorn! Self-styling Adorn was a brand of super-stiff hairspray that first became popular in the s. The A-Team was a TV series that aired from It starred George Peppard as the leader of a group of unjustly convicted veterans who try to evade the MPs while helping people with their personal problems. It starred Deirdre Hall and Judy Strangis. Fred Sanford! He drove a beat-up Ford truck. This is the weirdest Merchant Ivory film. Merchant Ivory Productions is a movie studio known for high-class films often based on classic novels, particularly by E. Hey, Vern!

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An imitation of comedian, actor, and writer Jim Varney in his role as the bumbling Ernest P. Worrell in TV commercials and in a series of movies. Varney also voiced the Slinky Dog character in the first two Toy Story movies. There goes another Pump N Munch. The air filled with Slim Jims and obscene trucker tapes … Slim Jims are a brand of beef jerky snack marketed primarily to teens and manufactured by ConAgra Foods.

UPS delivers. United Parcel Service, or UPS, is a package delivery service founded in ; today it is a multibillion-dollar corporation. I carry a badge. You know, I have to say, Jim Backus looks good in a jumpsuit. He also provided the voice of cartoon character Mr.

Hey, Mr. And Sir Laurence Olivier. Laurence Olivier was an actor who appeared in more than 80 movies over the course of his long career. Robert Urich is Dan Tanna. Any time is right for a Beck beer. Smarties are little fruit-flavored candies, similar to SweeTarts. Great, I have to hire protection from Marycrest Elementary. Marycrest Elementary School is a public school in Joliet, Illinois. Willie Aames in the Vince Van Patten story. He has famously large and curly hair. Vince Van Patten, son of actor Dick Van Patten, started out as an actor but retired from showbiz to launch a professional tennis career.

He did quite well, rising to forty-first in the world rankings of pro tennis players. He later returned to acting, landing parts on Baywatch and the soap opera The Young and the Restless. The loneliest druggie. All slang words for marijuana cigarettes, though a spliff is actually more like a large, somewhat cone-shaped marijuana cigar, a favored ganja delivery method on the island of Jamaica. The Peanut Buster Parfait is a sundae served by the Dairy Queen chain of restaurants, consisting of soft-serve ice cream, peanuts, and fudge sauce. He has also recorded a couple of albums of Christian music.

Weird irrelevant trivia: the girl who sang the jingle now all grown up was our dogsitter for several years. The mean streets of Ojai.

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Heidi Fleiss! Heidi Fleiss, a. James at 15 miles an hour. Orlon is a synthetic fiber invented in , initially as a replacement for wool. It is used in all kinds of textiles, including sweaters. It is manufactured by DuPont. The Bad News Bears are gonna lose that game today! A remake of the first film starred Billy Bob Thornton in the lead role originally played by Walter Matthau. They reached their height of power during the s under Carlo Gambino and became well-known in the s under the flamboyant leadership of John Gotti, who was eventually sentenced to life in prison in SweeTarts are small sweet-and-sour candies manufactured by Nestle and first marketed in Ah, the filthy, unfunny comedy of Buddy Hackett.

Buddy Hackett was a nightclub comedian and actor who had a huge show in Las Vegas for many years, where he was one of its most successful entertainers.

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He was known for his vaguely off-color comedy routines. She sang with Iggy Pop, you know. Iggy Pop is widely considered the godfather of the punk movement due to his work with seminal s band The Stooges. After that band broke up, he struck out on a solo career.

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This audience would riot if they saw KC and the Sunshine Band. Cole Porter was a composer who wrote many classic songs and musicals during the first half of the 20th century.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg on backup. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Supreme Court justice, the second woman ever appointed to the court. She was appointed by President Bill Clinton in She is considered among the more liberal members of the court. Arthur Godfrey, will you shine your love? Arthur Godfrey was one of the biggest television stars during the s, a freckly ukulele-playing redhead who hosted two television variety shows in addition to a wildly popular radio show. By the time Angels Revenge came along, however, his career was basically over; his radio show had gone off the air in , and his public image had been marred by vicious spats with his co-stars, allegations of anti-Semitism, and a string of articles linking him romantically to several young female employees.

If shining deer is illegal, why isn't shining your love? Shining deer refers to the practice of using high-powered flashlights or spotlights to locate deer at night, when they are usually more active. The legality of this varies from state to state, but generally speaking it is illegal to shine deer if you are in possession of hunting equipment guns, bows, etc. In other words, you could go out shining on Friday to figure out where the deer are lurking and then hunt them on Saturday, but leave the guns at home if you have a million-candlelight spotlight on you.

Disco is a style of dance music that peaked in popularity in the late s. A counter to the rock music that dominated the era, disco ruled the nightclub landscape for several years, and there were numerous disco radio hits and top-selling records. The news came as a surprise to everyone, especially LaRossa. Those firings, and other revelations about Godfrey's less than warm-hearted off-camera personality, soured his folksy image and led to a steep decline in his popularity.