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It is interesting and scary but not surprisingly at the same time, to see how many supposedly classically educated Germans in the comments section on the online edition express support of this racial theory claiming that the very ancient Greeks Dorians, Ionians were big, blond and blue-eyed, while the modern Greeks are mainly black-haired and brown-eyed. Especially the people living in Greece nowadays have absolute nothing to do with the ancient Greeks. Dorians and Ionians were blond and blue-eyed , and big. Not to compare with the brown-eyed dark-haired Greeks of today.

Strangely, the Mycenaeans were black -haired and black- or brown-eyed brown. They were probably not relatives to the Ionians , right? No of course not. But perhaps the author is just jealous because the Greeks , unlike his ancestors actually indeed got their O ne Thousand Y ear Reich. Bystanders were stunned to see what was happening on a street in Thessaloniki at 7 …. There is no problem with Greeks, or anyone else, being of complex genetic origin.

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No, Greeks should be proud of their origins — whatever they are. And the Germans should reflect on their own history, and feel ashamed.

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Sure, you are right, but let me know, whats their language there in Greece? I think they should speak Turks right? What their language today, help me. Well, for those who are telling me that invoking the Nazi heritage of the Germans is just an insult, here is yet more evidence that the Nazi mindset is alive and kicking. The Nazis were very concerned about racial purity, and how the superior German breed should dominate Europe.

Could someone German please explain to us how this article in Die Welt is not a reinvention of Nazi ideology? This is just sick, to be honest. I am for once happy to be a Brit: at least our racists do not dress up their bigotry in crap like this. First of all, I never said that invoking the Nazi heritage of the Germans is an insult. On the contrary, Germans should be reminded often that because of that heritage they have absolutely no moral authority what so ever.

In both cases he who shouts the insult weakens his position of discussion by turning it in to an insult-contest. And in this case, because of its context, by all means shout as loud as you can, I do as well. This is a thundering disgrace, a perfect example of the Nazi heritage raising its ugly head once again. Given this, and the rise of the various nazi and neo-nazi parties in the world, it is high time to quote Berthold Brecht.

Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again. It is also high time to remember that shouting loud is not a substitute for action…. The but in context makes the first two sentences somewhat okayish for me but let me understand you correctly. Am I supposed to consider the value of any moral arguement I make to you null and void simply because I am german? The answer that I will give, is simply that Germany lacks moral authority owing to its terrible modern history.

As for individual Germans, this depends very much on whether they pursue a traditional Nazi-style agenda dressed up with neoliberal economics or engage in enlightened discussion about how to manage the problems of the eurozone that they are primarily the creators of. The vast majority of Germans now fall into the first category. Wolfie being a perfect example of why ultimately people will not trust anything Germany says or does. Yes indeed, you will always, just like everybdoy else, be equated with the worst execcess of you history and the politicians who created it.

Just in case it has been taken down, which would be an admission of being wrong and thus a serious surprise, here is the full German text without images. Dieses kombinierte Geschwader vernichtete am Die Schlacht von Navarino aber bedeutete den Sieg des griechischen Aufstandes. Sechs Jahre zuvor hatten sich die Griechen gegen die osmanische Herrschaft, unter der sie seit fast Jahren mehr schlecht als recht gelebt hatten, erhoben.

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Sie sollte, auch dies ist ein Ergebnis des griechischen Aufstandes, nie mehr auseinandergehen. In St. Danach war an eine Fortsetzung der bis dahin erfolgreichen osmanischen Offensive nicht mehr zu denken. Dem konnten sich auch die Architekten der EU nicht entziehen. You must have a lot of imagination to interpretate that, and — btw — sick imagination.

The commentary leave nothing, absolutely nothing to the imagination. Nasty and sick is being very kind in describing them…. Nasty and sick yes, though I will say that there very much a difference between articles and the comments below we wouldnt attack KTG for something Chris said either.

Now dont get me wrong its still racist, but that part isnt in it or at least noone has been able to give a link to it. It may not be said in as many words in the article, but it is a very valid interpretation of the tone of the article, and most definitely a very correct interpretation of those comments….

For most of those comments yes, for the article not so much. Even within racists there are degrees, and from the racists overtone of this article to we proposed dna based eu membership it is still a long way. And the difference is very visible. I dont think it wise to judge whole countries anyway, you can judge single people or events but how are you to judge a country without many many people lansing on the wrong side of that judgement. I would also add that a certain sensitivity is appropriate, meaning I certainly would talk different about this to a holocaust survivor, not because my opinions change but of respect for his or her person.

That all being said, I read the whole article and while I appreciate you reposting this, what i wanted was the article about the dna-based membership, which i assume is a different article or a now removed addon to this one???? I the part you posted which is the same thing I found via the link there is no mention whatsoever about anything like this it is still full of underlying racist tones.

We could call them also greedy assholes, but it will be an insult to the assholes. By the way…. I have a problem when people equate germans today with nazis, simply because its super wrong. I have an even bigger problem with gernal inflation of nazi referecnes here in this forum as well as in many other places, because it trivializes what happened back then. Ill defer final judgement over the welt on the dna-stuff until i read it in original, but for now just let me say that any politician suggesting something like this would immediatly be finished.

Also there are all the languages of the world spoken from legal or illegal immigrants trying to reach central Europe mostly. Is that clear? Many Greeks will happily tell you this themselves.



I suggest those people angry by this fact pick up a history book or better still stay away from adult topics! The problem is that German media points that shit out since 5 years in their typical racist way and also connects it to the crisis. As usual in articles like this they come up with the Greeks were broken from the beginnings of their state, defaulted that often, often mixed up with that it would have been better if they still would be under Turkish powers and always they forget to mention that Greece had to pay reparations to the Ottoman Empire and that they had to buy weapons to free the rest of Greece from the Ottomans and that Greece was broken like a free America would be when the European Americans leave after years.

There are two approaches, either you can say that obviously and logically no younger generation of men are the same generation as their parents, no man steps in the same river twice, everything changes including people thus obviously Greeks of today are not the Greeks of BC. Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht 10 February — 14 August , commonly known as Bertolt Brecht , was an influential German Marxist dramatist , stage director , and poet of the 20th century. The poor thing can't grow any more Though if it could it would for sure.

There's nothing to be done It gets too little sun. When crimes begin to pile up they become invisible. When sufferings become unendurable the cries are no longer heard. The cries, too, fall like rain in summer. Who built Thebes of the 7 gates? In the books you will read the names of kings.

Did the kings haul up the lumps of rock? In what houses of gold glittering Lima did its builders live? The same eclecticism was discernible in the proceedings of the home government. The Whigs were conciliated by the repeal of the Schism Act and the Occasional Conformity Act, whilst the Tories were conciliated by the maintenance of the Test Act in all its vigour. The satisfaction of the masses was increased by the general well-being of the nation.

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Very little of all that was thus accomplished was directly owing to George I. The policy of the reign is the policy of his ministers. Stanhope and Townshend from to were mainly occupied with the defence of the Hanoverian settlement. After the dismissal of the latter in , Stanhope in conjunction with Sunderland took up a more decided Whig policy.

But the wish of the liberal Whigs to modify if not to repeal the Test Act remained unsatisfied. In the following year the bursting of the South Sea bubble, and the subsequent deaths of Stanhope in and of Sunderland in , cleared the way for the accession to power of Sir Robert Walpole, to whom and not to the king was due the conciliatory policy which quieted Tory opposition by abstaining from pushing Whig principles to their legitimate consequences.

It is evident that at his accession his decisions were by no means unimportant. The royal authority was still able within certain limits to make its own terms.

War of the Bavarian Succession

This support was so necessary to the Whigs that they made no resistance when he threw aside their leaders on his arrival in England. When by his personal intervention he dismissed Townshend and appointed Sunderland, he had no such social and parliamentary combination to fear as that which almost mastered his great-grandson in his struggle for power. If such a combination arose before the end of his reign it was owing more to his omitting to fulfil the duties of his station than from the necessity of the case. As he could talk no English, and his ministers could talk no German, he absented himself from the meetings of the cabinet, and his frequent absences from England and his want of interest in English politics strengthened the cabinet in its tendency to assert an independent position.