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Blake has a decision to make, so he visits his family ranch to help his sister out and get his sister's perspective on the decision. What happens is not what they were expecting. I loved Louise's writing, it is bright and witty. I loved the line I highly recommend reading Love Rehab, with a glass of wine, a box of chocolates and a roaring fire.

Nov 20, Alba and Her Secrets.. When Louise announced this release I have to say I was all over it! And I was definitely surprised because this was totally different from my last read by hers: Love Rehab still is sexy AF Stars!

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And I was definitely surprised because this was totally different from my last read by hers: Love Rehab still is sexy AF like KOWS but the theme of it and the storyline is completely different which is always great! Mackenzie has been engaged three times already and she is not feeling very lucky right now.

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She is determined to follow her 'plan' and get her love life back on track, that's why she decides to go to Oklahoma and participate in a different 'therapy' called Love Rehab. What she does not expect is to have a hot lots-of-nights-stand with Blake, a man who has to make a pretty important decision about his future and everything changes when these two fall in love. I needed a cure. I needed my plan back on track. I needed Love Rehab. I really enjoyed this whole new idea in the plot of Love Rehab. I haven't read anything like this and originality is always a good thing.

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Louise's writing is good and fluent and the story flows with it. This love story is full of banter, really funny moments and also a deep character growth.

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  5. Both Mackenzie and Blake mature and take pretty big decisions after being together and experimenting the Love Rehab. He'd seen it all, right into the center of me. And he was still here. With me. I couldn't be near her without being desperate to kiss her. And I couldn't kiss this girl without needing to fuck her. I loved the relationship between the main characters and also I always enjoy having significant moments with secondary characters.

    I have to say, Mackenzie is not my favorite heroine by Louise though: she really grows by the end of the book but I did not connect as much with her at the start. I loved the love story and the sexy times!

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    Louise does know how to write some pretty fantastic hot scenes! And the ending was fabulous: I felt connected to both characters because of their deep connection. I want to be Oklahoma Mackenzie. I don't want to go backward. Therefore, my rating for Love Rehab is 4 STARS because Louise gave us another great story with a new and original plot and pretty great characthers that have holy-hotness chemistry! I can't wait to see what is next because I am totally reading it!

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    If you enjoyed Louise's writing in the past, be sure to check this one out! View all 26 comments. I really enjoyed Love Rehab, Louise Bay delivered up a fresh take on a romance between a couple that find themselves connecting with each other in the most unusual of circumstances. Its LIVE!

    What do you do when the guy you are meant to only be having a one night stand with then turns out to be the brother of the woman who is running the retreat that you and your friends have traveled to Oklahoma to take part in, a guy who is also helping out his sister with the retreat, while you and your friends spend five days camping in the wilderness while working through your relationship hang-ups?

    Well if you are Mackenzie, you deal with the relationship issues during the days, and you spend your nights having hot sex with a non-cowboy while everyone else is asleep!

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    I would lock these Oklahoma nights away in my memory, and only bring them out occasionally to remind me of the woman I wanted to be… I think Mackenzie is a character a lot of people will either love or hate, I would say I came to understand her more as the story progressed, and I liked her more as I came to understand more about her.

    Blake was an absolute sweetheart, a guy with a few decisions of his own to make, still struggling to understand and believe in his own self-worth, they bought out the best in each other. She seemed to fit here with me — both of us just passing through, lost and looking for something. Bay has in store for her readers in View all 6 comments. It was going to happen. I just had to have a little faith. And last five days in Oklahoma. Mackenzie Locke has had three failed engagements. After the 3rd one she decided to take a Love Rehab retreat in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma with her two best friends, Kennedy and Rose.

    A lot happens during those five days in Oklahoma. Mackenzie does some soul searching and she meets a hottie Blake McKenna, with whom she has instant chemistry with. I really liked Mackenzie, and her inner dialogue was funny at times, but there were times I rolled my eyes at her lack of trying. I felt like she let people run over her, but toward the end and with Blake's help, she becomes a better, stronger woman. He helped her see herself more clearly and see glimpses of the girl she wanted to be. Blake and Mackenzie together was seriously hot! I do wish there was more of a build up to their romance, I felt like they met and then wham they're together.

    But these two were good together. Blake's was such a sweet, endearing "uncowboy" hero and I loved Mackenzies besties, especially Kennedy, I had a few lol moments because of her. Overall, this was a cute, enjoyable read and if you're a fan of Louise Bay I definitely recommend this one.

    View all 14 comments. I think many of us have found ourselves in her position. She's been dumped by her third fiance and is wondering what she's doing wrong. She believes that she's the problem somehow. She realizes that she's quite the catch which she is and is proud of the fact that she's had three men love her enough to propose. She enrolls herself into Love Rehab in order to find out what more she can do to please a man and get her HEA according to plan.

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    It didn't take me long to figure out that the love Mackenzie speaks of isn't even real because she herself wasn't real. She's a people pleaser and for most of the book she wouldn't even acknowledge it which drove me absolutely insane , but the H Blake helped her to realize her true self.

    I loved Blake. I really appreciated his honesty and was grateful for his POV. He had his act together for the most part. His storyline was similar to the h's, but instead of trying to please he created distance in his relationships. He's been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but his fear makes him hesitant to take the risk or change the status quo.

    As he helps guide Mac to her truth, she inadvertently does the same for him in return. These two together were incredibly endearing and insanely hot. Louise Bay created the perfect balance of feels and steam and this story grabbed my attention from its opening scene. This book was very low on angst or drama and very high on romance with a happy ending! View all 7 comments. Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review A sweet sexy romance that was a symphony of love, hope, and self-discovery!! And so, Mackenzie decides that she needs to head to Oklahoma for Love Rehab.

    As she brings her two best friends along with her, Mackenzie meets Blake, the night before her five day love rehab session. There was no room for anything else. No room to think about my career, or my future. I was stuck in the moment— just where I needed to be. I wanted her, needed her.

    It should have been just physical sex but something begins to ignite inside. Something intimate. Could two people who were just wandering through life discover that the wild, heart-tugging and earth shattering romance that they were looking for was standing in front of them? When I was talking to her, I wanted her closer. When I was closer, I wanted to kiss her, and now kissing her I wanted more. It is seeing every flaws and embracing it and learning from our mistakes.

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    Love yourself first. And for Mackenzie and Blake, their journey was a wild, freeing revelation. No one is truly lost. They just needed a little guide and push in the right direction. So if you are looking for a refreshing, sweet, sexy and touching love story that had sprinklings of humor then I suggest you Love Rehab by Louise Bay a try.

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    Louise Bay View all 4 comments. Where do I start?! It was not what I expected, but it delivered so much more than I ever hoped for. Louise Bay truly knocked it out of the park with this one.