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Great Military Blunders. Geoffrey Regan. Waterloo: The French Perspective.

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CHF 2. A Savage War of Peace. Napoleon Bonaparte. Jim Pipe.

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CHF 7. Voices of the Foreign Legion. Adrian D.

Kevin Arnett. French Napoleonic Infantry Tactics — Paddy Griffith. Britain, France and Germany and the Treaty of Versailles. Nick Shepley. CHF 3. Six Armies In Normandy. Peter Chasseaud.

Gordon Corrigan. World War I Day by Day. Alex Hook. The Battle. Alessandro Barbero. Alan Axelrod PhD. Sedan Douglas Fermer. CHF 9. Geoffrey Jukes. The Story of the Great War Complete. Various Authors. The Paris Game. Ray Argyle. The Other First World War. Douglas Boyd. Philip Haythornthwaite.

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The Algerian War — Mike Chappell. Arthur Banks. First World War For Dummies. The Russo-Turkish War Ian Drury. Pacification in Algeria, David Galula. A Guide to Battles. Richard Holmes.

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Free France's Lion. William Moore. The Napoleon Options. Jonathan North. The First World War in Objects. Peter Doyle. CHF 5. Operation Mercury. Pat Morgan. Gordon Kerr. The Battle of Waterloo. Peter Dennis. Why the Germans Lost. Bryan Perrett.

French Guardsman vs Russian Jaeger. Laurence Spring. At the Edge of the World. Jean-Vincent Blanchard.

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The Great War. Robert J. Ramillies Michael McNally. Ronald Pawly. French Foreign Legion. Incomparable: A Collection of Essays. Terry Crowdy. French Army —71 Franco-Prussian War 1. Stephen Shann.

De Gaulle. David Wragg. It does not require your allegiance to France. The motto of the Legion is Legio Patria Nostra. The Legion is our fatherland. This means we will accept you.

by Geraghty, Tony

We will shelter you. We may send you out to die. Women are not admitted. What man has not considered climbing onto a motorcycle and heading south? The Legion can be like that for some. Currently it employs 7, enlisted men, including non-commissioned officers.