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Bookseller Inventory CHL Synopsis: From the cells of Death Row come the chilling, true-life accounts of the most heinous, cruel and depraved killers of modern times. Meet grisly killers such as Bill Joe Benefiel, the 'Superglue Monster', who glued his victims eyes and noses shut, causing them to suffocate.

Or Willie Crain, the deviant fisherman, who put his victim into a lobster pot, where it was eaten by sea creatures. Many prisoners on ' the Row' have carried out serial murder, mass murder, spree killing and the desmemberment of bodies - both dead and alive. In these pages are to be found friends who have stabbed, hacked and ever filleted their victims.

So meet the 'Dead Men and Women Walking' from the legion of the damned in the most terrifying true crime read ever. Tony Brown edits The new Criminologist. This his first book. Book Description Virgin Books, Condition: Very Good. Seller Inventory U More information about this seller Contact this seller. Add to Basket. Book Description True Crime, Mass Market Paperback.

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Condition: Used; Good. All orders are dispatched as swiftly as possible! Buy with confidence!. Seller Inventory There have been 98 serial murders since , with 33 committed in the s. Like Alaska, Nevada has one of the highest violent crime rates in the country according to FBI statistics. Many believe that the historic ties to organized crime contribute to the excessive levels of violent crime.

The rise of Nevada as a gambling destination could explain the jump in serial killings in the s. Finally, the high numbers of tourists — in many cases, desperate individuals down on their luck— create a pool of ideal victims for anyone looking to commit a nefarious act. Florida actually does seem to attract serial killers with a rate of 9.

The total number of serial murders committed in the state is , with of those murders taking place in the s. In fact, Florida has the third highest number of total individual serial cases in the country, with separate cases. Like Alaska and Nevada, Florida is an extremely violent state in general, with 5. Ted had also killed many others in several different states.

Today, the total number of serial killings stands at 1, or 7. Overall, California has seen a total of cases of serial killing — the second highest number in the country. California also stands out in terms of the notoriety of its murderers and the individual cases associated with the killers. The infamous Manson Family conducted their reign of terror in the Golden State.

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The Zodiac Killer murders, one of the most famous unsolved serial murder cases in American history, also took place in California in the late s and early s. Even today, his identity remains unknown. The data reveals a total of known serial killings took place in Washington State, with 95 individual serial cases. Like other states on this list, a number of notorious serial killers caught the attention of the nation. Robert Lee Yates, a former prison guard and later a helicopter pilot for the United States Army, murdered 16 women between His conviction for the murders of 49 women in the s and s gives him the chilling distinction of having the most confirmed murders of any American serial killer.

Compared to other states, Oregon has a relatively low rate of violent crime per capita.

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In fact, with violent incidents reported per year for every , citizens, it is overall one of the least violent states in the country. However, while statistics show Oregon as a generally peaceful place to live, serial killings occur with more frequency per capita in this state than almost anywhere else in the nation.

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Serial killings occur in Oregon at the rate of 7. While a great majority of serial murderers use firearms, there is a high rate of strangulations in this state, with a total of 52 people who died in this manner.

Two friends, a microphone, and a mystery.

Louisiana is known for many things: food, Mardi Gras, jazz music — and serial killers. The total number of serial killings in the state stands at or 7. From to , Louisiana averaged A number of factors combined to result in this rate of homicide. M on the night of March 19 th , but provided the caveat that the murderer would pass by any home where the residents played jazz. On the night of the 19 th , the residents of New Orleans packed every home and dance hall with jazz bands, and the night passed with no murders.

Which State has Produced the Most Serial Killers? - Crime Capsule

Both received life sentences. Buono died in prison in from cardiac arrest, and Bianchi continues to serve his sentence. Gary Ridgway The so-called "Green River Killer," Ridgway was sentenced in to 48 consecutive life terms after confessing that he'd killed a string of women in Washington State in the s and '90s. He would later confess to a total between 65 and He remains in prison in Washington. Jeffrey Dahmer Called the "Milwaukee Cannibal," Dahmer was alleged to have raped and murdered 17 young men between and He was convicted of 16 murders in and given life in prison.

He was beaten to death while serving his time in He was also known to dismember and eat parts of his victims. He was sentenced to years to life in prison. He was convicted of another murder months later and given another life sentence. He died from cardiac arrest in Aileen Wuornos Between and Wuornos was convicted of six of the seven murders she was accused of committing while working as a prostitute between and She was given six death sentences and was executed in Florida in Ted Bundy The exact number of victims Bundy killed is unknown.

He once confessed to 30 murders, but was connected to The span of killings were between and He was given the death penalty in Florida in for the murder of two college students he raped and murdered. He would receive another death sentence in for the murder of year-old Kimberly Leach. Bundy was executed in Edmund Emil Kemper Kemper, also called "The Coed Killer" killed his first victims in when he was 15, his grandparents. He would serve about five years in a state hospital.

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  7. Between and He murdered six female hitchhikers, his mother and mom's friend. He was convicted of eight murders in and received a life sentence. He continues to serve his sentence in a California prison.

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    Ronald Dominique In Dominique confessed to murdering 23 men between and in Louisiana. He was convicted of rape and murder in and sentenced to life in prison. He continues to serve his sentence in Louisiana. Herman Webster Mudgett Better known by his alias H.