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Just click on the image to the right to send the card to a friend! More Visitor Comments from the Voting form. You have a great way with words, never lose that gift. I am so jealous. How did Dove express the innermost feelings that I have? Many have tried to capture my heart.

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One day a man created a site to find love and he prayed before he began. One day a friend told me about the same sight and I created it not expecting love. Many men wrote to me and because I am alone, at least writing to people took some of the sting away. One man captured my heart that so famously evaded all others. We are going to meet next week and I'm so grateful to Dove for this. My 42 yr old son found his sole mate on the internet, and will be getting married Jan 20, May God continue to bless you so that your work may continue to be a blessing to others.

Thanks, Norma. I to found love on the internet and i have never been happier as i read this poem i thought to my self how much it was just like my own experience. A great poem well done. OMG i am sending im this poem to see what he thinks, this poem is the best yet! This poem was one of da best I seen on dis site so far.

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  • It's true tho cuz I met my guy online, I had others but none like him so the way you exppresed dat was great. Wow, this poem means so much to me as im sure it does you. I have fell in love with the most amazing guy, i ahve been through a lot, and at the age of 18 now i have been through so much that most women will never go through, violent partner and a miscarriage he caused, i never thought my life would be complete, and i also find i am suffering from cancer, i thought my life would be over before i had the chance to experience love, this poem relates to how i met the love of my life, through a chat room and then proceeded onto msn.

    I loved this poem, It really identifies what I feel. My love bijan who I met in in a chatroom,ever since I saw him he took away my heart and forever him to have. Bijan no matter were you go or were you are I will alyways have you in my life.

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    I Love this poem, because it is so true, I never thought I would find love on the interent. But I did and fell in love so very hard, I found someone that's everything I wanted and looked for all my life. We are engaged and everyday is so very happy, it's unbelievable but it's true, just never thought it could happen to me. Great poem! Your poem is oustanding.

    I met a man online, and you said everything that describes us.

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    Thank very much. I rellie liked this poem. Cyber Love is not just that. I believe some people meet thier soul mate online. Anyways it's a really good poem. This poem is so sweet! It meant a lot since I have been there with someone I hold dearly. I loved your poem. Its similar to what I am going through.

    Schulman : What exactly would you do if you had me there? Megan : Id have you in the tub with me between my legs. Id kiss you on the neck and whisper in your ear begging you to make love to me. Schulman : begging is something you wouldn't have to do But the closest they had actually come to being together was in a photo Schulman doctored on the computer. I'm not going to reserve the fact that I really do like her and that I'm hoping it works out," he said.

    Schulman was ready to go the distance to meet Megan. When she said she was moving from her family's home to a horse farm on the shores of Lake Superior, Schulman wanted to move there to be with her. College hadn't worked out. I was sick of making bar mitzvah videos and I wanted out. When Schulman got a job shooting a dance performance in Vail, Colo. His brother Ariel Schulman and friend Henry Joost were by his side, ready to film what they thought would be the happy ending their friend was waiting for. But before a real-life meeting could take place, in an online chat, Megan told Schulman she was taking requests for songs.

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    Since Schulman was so excited about Megan's horse farm, the guys tried to think up songs about horses, and came up with "Tennessee Stud," famously sung by Johnny Cash. Within a half-hour, Megan sent them a rendition of the song that they found so impressive, they wanted to try to help her find professional representation as a singer in New York. They looked back at the list of songs on her Facebook page that Megan said she and her mother had written. A simple Google search revealed that the lyrics belonged to another artist.

    On YouTube, they found a version that sounded almost identical.

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    When Schulman and Joost searched for "Tennessee Stud" on YouTube, way down the list of results they found that the only female rendition of the song was the exact song that Megan had supposedly played and just sent Schulman. The realization that his seven-month relationship could be a complete sham devastated Schulman, but his friends were eager to get to the bottom of it and confront Megan and her family on camera.

    If nothing else, don't you want to get -- find out what's real here? Who these people are?

    The trio set out for upper Michigan from Vail looking for answers. After a 1, mile journey, they pulled up to Megan's horse farm just after midnight.