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What do you usually do in the evenings? I study at a secondary school. It is a modern building which is situated nearly in the centre of one of the industrial districts of our city.

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It has three floors. In front of our school there are a lot of green trees and a large sports ground. To the right you can see a stadium where pupils have their lessons in Physical Training when the weather is fine. Our school also has a large gymnasium, workshops, a cloakroom, laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and other subjects. You can find a doctor's office, a large hall, and a library in our school on the ground floor.

There are classrooms for senior and junior pupils. The rooms, corridors and the halls are full of light. Our teachers not only give us knowledge but they also teach us to love our Motherland and nature, to be honest, helpful and modest. My favourite subjects at school are Literature and English.

The teachers of these school subjects are well-educated and interesting persons. We are taught to understand Russian classics and the works of modern authors. I am fond of reading.

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My favourite writers are Pushkin and Mark Twain. At the lessons of English we learn much information about Great Britain, the USA and other English-speaking countries; we read and write, ask and answer questions. This year I am finishing the ninth form, and there are 3 roads open for me: either to enter a vocational school, or a technical secondary college, or to go to the 10th form.

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I want to continue my education at school. I like my school very much and I'm proud of it. Do you work hard at your English to have good results in it? I spend much time on it because I want to speak English well. What school subjects do you think are more important for your future profession? What institute are you going to enter to get a higher education? Studying at the college students can develop their hobbies by singing, performing arts, choreography, and folk dance.

There are many talented students at our college.

The students participate in the volunteer movement. Besides, Russian and foreign students can take part in the organized actions devoted to celebration of different holidays in our town and in the college. In order to support their health and to be in a good physical form the students go in for sports. They like to take part in sport competitions and to win them. The college has a sports complex with a swimming pool, and gyms. Annually within summer vacations, the students have an opportunity to have a rest at the camp on the Black Sea.

There are many … students studying at our college. When studying the students can develop their …. The students participate in the … movement. Russian and foreign students can take part in celebration of …. The students have an opportunity to have a rest at …. What hobbies can the students develop? What do the students take part in? Why do the students go in for sport? A Talk between Two Students.

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Glad to meet you. Are you a student? Did you enter the College straight from the school? First I worked at a tractor plant during a year. How long does the course of studies last there? Good luck to you too. Russians have always shown a great concern for education. The right to education is stated in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Education in Russians compulsory up to the 9th form inclusive. The stages of compulsory schooling in Russia are: primary education for ages to inclusive; secondary education including intermediate school forages tol inclusive, and senior school for ages to inclusive. If a pupil of a secondary school wishes to go on in higher education, he or she must stay at school for two more years.

Lyceums and gymnasiums offer programs giving a profound knowledge in some field of study. After finishing the 9th form one can go on to a vocational school which offers programmers of academic subjects and a programmer of training in a technical field, or a profession. After finishing the th form of a secondary school, a lyceum or a gymnasium one can go on in higher education.

All applicants must take competitive examinations. Higher education institutions, that is institutes or universities, offer a 5-year programmer of academic subjects for undergraduates in a variety of fields, as well as a graduate course. If one finishes a graduate course and writes a thesis, he or she receives a candidate's degree or a doctoral degree. Higher educational establishments are headed by Rectors.

Prorectors are in charge of academic and scientific work.

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An institute or a university has a number of faculties, each specializing in a field of study. Faculties have specialized councils which confer candidate and doctoral degrees.

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The system of secondary and higher education in Russia is going through a transitional period. The main objectives of the reform are: to decentralize me higher education system, to develop a new financial mechanism, to give more academic freedoms to faculties and students. All secondary schools, institutes and universities until recently have been funded by the state. Now mere is quite a number of private fee-paying primary and secondary schools;.

What is the right to education in Russia ensured by? What are the stages of compulsory schooling in Russia?

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What programmers of study do different types of school in Russia offer? What is a vocational school? What is necessary for entering a higher education establishment? What degrees can one get at a higher education establishment? Students asked the lecturer many questions.

The lecturer was asked many questions. The monitor told the first-year students to come to the laboratory. The first-year students were told to come to the laboratory. Usually a lab assistant shows the equipment to the students. Usually the equipment is shown to the students by a lab assistant. Usually students are shown the equipment by a lab assistant.