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T47 Threshold concepts in problem-based learning Book LB B65 Project based teaching : how to create rigorous and engaging learning experiences Boss, Suzie, author. A Interrupting racism : equity and social justice in school counseling Atkins, Rebecca, author.

L47 Lessons from school psychology : practical strategies and evidence-based practice for professionals and parents Book LB T43 Technology applications in school psychology : consultation, supervision, and training Book LB C Becoming a research-informed school : why? Cain, Tim, author.

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C Crossing the bridge of the digital divide : a walk with global leaders Book LB K Learning without classrooms : visionary designs for secondary schools Kelly, Frank S. L Machine learning and human intelligence : the future of education for the 21st century Luckin, Rosemary, author. M33 Living the stories we create : preparing students for the digital age McCabe, Ellen, author. M Harnessing technology for deeper learning McLeod, Scott, author. S Learning supercharged : digital age strategies and insights from the edtech frontier Schrum, Lynne, author.

G35 Games and education : designs in and for learning Book LB G55 L36 Making global learning universal : promoting inclusion and success for all students Landorf, Hilary, author.

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S53 K56 Gamification in learning and education : enjoy learning like gaming Kim, Sangkyun, author. A54 What we say and how we say it matter : teacher talk that improves student learning and behavior Anderson, Mike, author. D96 A guide to collaborative communication for service-learning and community engagement partners Dumlao, Rebecca J. H Homework : the evidence Hallam, Susan author. E Partnering with families for student success : 24 scenarios for problem solving with parents Edwards, Patricia A.

W55 The reading mind : a cognitive approach to understanding how the mind reads Willingham, Daniel T. R28 From phonics to fluency : effective teaching of decoding and reading fluency in the elementary school Rasinski, Timothy V.

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W Fun games and activities for children with dyslexia Winton, Alais, author. G Getting more out of restorative practice in schools : practical approaches to improve school wellbeing and strengthen community engagement Book LB C36 Behavior management in today's schools : successful and positive tools for teachers Cancio, Edward, author.

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  • T Five pillars of the mind : redesigning education to suit the brain Tokuhama-Espinosa, Tracey, author. N Challenging mindset : why a growth mindset makes a difference in learning -- and what to do when it doesn't Nottingham, James, author. P43 Motivation of new generation students for learning physics and mathematics Peciuliauskiene, Palmira, author.

    Distinction Through Discovery : A Research-Oriented First Year Experience

    R44 The power of interest for motivation and engagement Renninger, K. Ann author. H69 Visual culture Howells, Richard, author. F83 Mindfulness for students : a curriculum for grades Fuchs, Wendy W. D68 The new science of learning : how to learn in harmony with your brain Doyle, Terry, author. K39 On human potential : nurturing talents and cultivating expertise Kay, Sandra I. E The early advantage. P37 M Family engagement in early childhood settings Muhs, Mary, author. S76 B37 Storytime and beyond : having fun with early literacy Barco, Kathy, author. R4 C53 Read with me : engaging your young child in active reading Cleaver, Samantha, author.

    H67 Dialectics of knowing in education : transforming conventional practice into its opposite Hooley, Neil, author. S53 From education to life : a review of its role and tasks Sia, Marian F. I48 Implicit pedagogy for optimized learning in contemporary education Book LB G87 The enchanted hour : the miraculous power of reading aloud in the age of distraction Gurdon, Meghan Cox, author. C Leading well : building schoolwide excellence in reading and writing Calkins, Lucy, author.

    D Defining literacy standards : essays on assessment, inclusion, pedagogy and civic engagement Book LB D34 Speaking, listening and understanding : games and activities for year olds Delamain, Catherine, author. R37 Argumentation strategies in the classroom Rapanta, Chrysi, author. N68 Learning challenge lessons, elementary : 20 lessons to guide young learners through the learning pit Nottingham, Jill, author.

    C83 Teaching history then and now : a story of stability and change in schools Cuban, Larry, author. S Fulfilling the promise : reimagining school counseling to advance student success Savitz-Romer, Mandy, author. C53 Developing language and literacy in English across the secondary school curriculum : an inclusive approach Clark, Urszula, author.

    D Preparing teachers for deeper learning Darling-Hammond, Linda, author. Book LB Formalise, prioritise and mobilise how school leaders secure the benefits of professional learning networks Chris Brown, author. W6 Requirements for certification of teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators for elementary and secondary schools. D55 Dignity of the calling : educators share the beginnings of their journeys Book LB L56 Managing your professional identity online : a guide for faculty, staff, and administrators Linder, Kathryn E.

    Z35 Toxic ivory towers : the consequences of work stress on underrepresented minority faculty Zambrana, Ruth E. C74 The creative university : contemporary responses to the changing role of the university Book LB G Global issues and talent development : perspectives from countries around the world Book LB K55 Developing the global student : higher education in an era of globalization Killick, David, author.

    A28 Active learning strategies in higher education : teaching for leadership, innovation, and creativity Book LB I58 Internationalisation and transnationalisation in higher education Book LB F88 The future agenda for internationalization in higher education : next generation insights into research, policy, and practice Book LB C66 The good university : what universities actually do and why it's time for radical change Connell, Raewyn, author. J66 Outcomes based funding and race in higher education : can equity be bought?

    Jones, Tiffany, author. K65 Student services : a handbook for the profession Book LB S73 Linking theory to practice : case studies for working with college students Book LB D43 Debunking the myth of job fit in higher education and student affairs Book LB P67 Multicultural competence in student affairs : advancing social justice and inclusion Pope, Raechele L.

    M Developing the whole person : a practitioner's tale of counseling, college, and the American promise McCarthy, Tom, author.

    A67 Applying student development theories holistically : exemplar programming in higher education Book LB B85 Building transfer student pathways for college and career success Book LB G75 The foundations of research Grix, Jonathan, author. O44 Research proposal : little quick fix O'Leary, Zina, author. M42 How to be a successful student : 20 study habits based on the science of learning Mayer, Richard E.

    B Leverage leadership 2. B58 Reframing the path to school leadership : a guide for teachers and principals Bolman, Lee G.

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    M The lead learner : improving clarity, coherence, and capacity for all McDowell, Michael author. Michael P. P Teacher leadership for social change in bilingual and bicultural education Palmer, Deborah K. R Repositioning educational leadership : practitioners leading from an inquiry stance Book LB S Staying the course : a guide of best practices for school leaders Sapp, Sheila E.

    B47 Beyond marginality : understanding the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, and difference in educational leadership research Book LB I57 Instructional leadership in the content areas : case studies for leading curriculum and instruction Book LB O95 Leadership and organizational behavior in education : theory into practice Owings, William A. C Charter schools and school vouchers Book LB The authors further indicate which amino acid changes are likely to be permissive at certain amino acid positions in the protein.

    For example, most buried within the tertiary structure of the protein amino acid residues require nonpolar side chains, whereas few features of surface side chains are generally conserved. The invention encompasses polypeptides having a lower degree of identity but having sufficient similarity so as to perform one or more of the same functions performed by the polypeptide of the present invention.

    Similarity is determined by conserved amino acid substitution. Such substitutions are those that substitute a given amino acid in a polypeptide by another amino acid of like characteristics e. According to Cunningham et al above, such conservative substitutions are likely to be phenotypically silent. Additional guidance concerning which amino acid changes are likely to be phenotypically silent are found in Bowie et al.

    Tolerated conservative amino acid substitutions of the present invention involve replacement of the aliphatic or hydrophobic amino acids Ala, Val, Leu and Ile; replacement of the hydroxyl residues Ser and Thr; replacement of the acidic residues Asp and Glu; replacement of the amide residues Asn and Gln, replacement of the basic residues Lys, Arg, and His; replacement of the aromatic residues Phe, Tyr, and Trp, and replacement of the small-sized amino acids Ala, Ser, Thr, Met, and Gly.