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Confirm Email. Confirm Password. Yes, I want to receive the Entrepreneur newsletter. Are you sure you want to logout? Often, issues come up during the meeting that must be addressed after the meeting. Another result of poor handling of action items is poor follow-up on critical project issues. Action items are the vehicle project managers use to assign follow up tasks after the meeting. When that process is ineffective, those follow-up tasks suffer.

Clearly, these common project status meeting dysfunctions have significant negative impacts on the progress of the project. Team members view the project manager as the person responsible for running smooth, relevant, efficient status meetings. Indeed, effective meetings need both a leader and a facilitator. Often, the meeting leader is the project manager, senior manager, or subject matter expert. Most project managers are very familiar with this role, as they have the legitimate authority on the project. A meeting facilitator is someone who helps guide the group toward its goals during the meeting by focusing primarily on the processes the group will use to achieve desired outcomes.

Status meetings require both a facilitator and a leader to run optimally. While project managers sometimes designate someone else as a facilitator for their meetings, more likely the project manager wears both hats.

The Enabling Conditions

Both are necessary for an optimally effective meeting. Because many project managers are leading status meetings, they tend to focus exclusively on their role as meeting leader and ignore their role as meeting facilitator. The good news is that they are not solely responsible for the facilitator role. Many project managers ensure that the meeting is appropriately facilitated by inviting an outside facilitator or asking team members to play the role of facilitator. Team members should be actively engaged in all facets of project success and having them perform key facilitation activities is one way to encourage more involvement.

The successful D2C companies we looked at, for the most part, approach quality from an entirely different direction. They cater to the desire to avoid choosing, and the desire for something that is just fine. You can see this if you read critical reviews for many of these products on the internet. A fair number of mattress critics say Casper beds are overhyped. The Honest Company has been in plenty of hot water over the quality of its products. And as for Glossier, as one commenter wrote on MakeUp Alley:. What they do rave about is the process of actually getting a Casper mattress delivered.

What they love is how easy it is to always have fresh blades on hand with Dollar Shave Club, and how simple it is to buy The Honest Company soap. They are a class of products where the end-to-end experience of selection, purchasing and customer service is more important than the product itself. Make no mistake, sometimes choice is not the virtue it seems to be. Their products may be just Good Enough in most cases. The end-to-end user experience, however, is so much better that it elevates them above their traditional competitors.

Because these brands can truly own the customer experience and delivery, they can create an end-to-end customer experience that is better than anything Amazon or a traditional retailer can offer. As a previously unknown brand, Bonobos saw early on that providing a differentiated customer experience was going to be important.

There was one shining model in the e-commerce space to imitate, and that was Zappos. For Bonobos, that meant cultivating a culture of ultra-responsivity on its support team — a culture which resulted in:. Central to the Bonobos idea was great pants. But the brand needed to embody this idea of overwhelmingly-great service too. That branding created an early impact.

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A good metric for measuring the success of branding is direct traffic rate — how many people come to your site simply by typing it into their browser vs. Bonobos has a direct traffic rate of The level of the Bonobos customer experience has remained high over time. Among the companies that have taken the Bonobos ideology to the next level, Soylent stands out. The Soylent team is actively involved in the community, almost treating its customer base as an extension of the company.

That communal ideology has not only helped it attract high-profile funding but powered its hypergrowth. A group of engaged and sincere customers is something far more rare, and potentially more powerful, than a good product alone. If you look at Soylent as just a food company, you misjudge the core of the company, the same way you would if you looked at GoPro as just a camera company.

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He wrote up the complete list of ingredients and the exact steps he took to develop it so people could tweak it themselves. The Soylent subreddit was born a month later. The growth of the Soylent subreddit over time, pegged to important milestones in the history of the Soylent corporation. Contributors share different Soylent-featured recipes, ask each other questions, and share pictures of shelves and refrigerators bulging with Soylent:. Rob Rhinehart posts on the Soylent subreddit as a means of connecting with the community and providing support.

You can buy Soylent from the Soylent website, or you can just print out the recipe, buy the ingredients, and make your own. Add in communities like the one on Reddit, and the product can almost distribute itself.

Judging a Book by Its Cover with Famed Designer Chip Kidd Pt.1

Rather than breaking down the idea of food into its constituent nutrient parts, Casper broke down the idea of a bed until it was something they could easily ship through FedEx so it would arrive at your house — wrapped up in a box — overnight and with no hassle. But the implications of that question would affect more than just apartment-dwellers. In June , Freakonomics Radio reported that there were approximately 9, mattress stores across the United States. Why so many?

Industrial espionage

The end result of all of this is that you are basically within a few miles of a mattress store no matter where you are in the continental United States. One of the core premises behind Casper was that the way mattresses were moved across the country was wasteful and inefficient. Put a bed in a box, and you can ship it.

No store or square footage necessary. The company also delivers through white-labeled versions of existing on-demand delivery services like Postmates and Stuart. Crucially, the company also offers free returns. Returns have been a problematic part of mattress purchasing for years. Many stores — although there are fewer of these today than ever before — refuse entirely to offer returns on mattresses. Many allow you to return your mattress after 30 days but within days, or some permutation.

Mattress returns are a dicey proposition no matter who is selling them. You never know what kind of condition the bed will be coming back in, and no piece of furniture depreciates faster than a bed. It makes sense to levy a large fee to disincentivize the return. At the same time, offering free returns allows people to be comfortable with the idea of buying a bed sight unseen from a brand new and unproven startup — it gave people confidence.

Casper in effect had to bet that there would be so few returns that it would be worth it. Due to people liking the beds, or at least not disliking them enough to actually return something they need every night to sleep on, the bet seems to have paid off. Reducing the pain in a routine consumer transaction is one surefire way to find a potential business opportunity.

For Casper, however, you may only buy a bed once in a decade. When it comes to Dollar Shave Club, the innovation lies in disrupting a good that men have to go to the store to buy once a week — razor blades. It sold its customers a subscription package that would save them time, money, and effort. And recurring revenue with high retention means faster growth. That same year, they took a commanding lead in the online razor market. It showed that the power of online convenience could infiltrate even the most guarded and opaque markets.

It was a lesson that was also being learned, around the same time, by eyeglass maker and seller Warby Parker. Most importantly — consumers tend to dislike both. And just as there was an opportunity for Dollar Shave Club in saving consumers a trip to the store, Warby Parker carved an opportunity by saving its customers a trip to the doctor. Glasses, like mattresses, have historically been purchased in brick-and-mortar outlets.