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Enter startups like Elements , which provides pre-prepared meals for people on the go. Related: Need a Business Idea? Here are Due to changing dining expectations, younger generations are no longer frequenting the once-popular chains. Instead, food startups like Blue Apron are catering to the desires of younger generations by setting up subscription plans, which are very popular among the millennial demographic.

People have loved the convenience of food delivery since the beginning of the dining industry.

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Because of this, food startups like Munchery have jumped into the game, allowing consumers to satisfy any craving, anytime. You are no longer limited to pizza when it comes to delivery options. We all want instant gratification -- actually, we demand it. Successful startups are catering to this demand, and the restaurant industry is no exception.

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Restaurants have waiting lists that average 6. Food startups have recognized the need to help cut the wait time down. New apps like NoWait are allowing people to get in line from the comfort of home, eliminating physically waiting at the restaurant. This represents a large percentage of the average paycheck, so cash-strapped younger generations are voicing a desire to get better at cooking.

Food startups like Hipcooks out of San Diego, provide trendy, youth-friendly cooking courses to help young people learn their way around the kitchen. Food startups are tapping into the public desire to give back to the community -- 61 percent of millennials are concerned for the future of the planet and feel personally responsible to make a difference.

However, not all millennials feel capable of making a significant positive impact and believe that businesses should contribute to a social cause.

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The food and restaurant industry is tapping into this desire by funding startups that work to bring surplus food to those in need. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. In order to understand how people use our site generally, and to create more valuable experiences for you, we may collect data about your use of this site both directly and through our partners.

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Orange Ginger Mint Spa Water. Happy Grilling! Want even more recipes for your healthier summer BBQ? Your email address will not be published.

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You can also subscribe without commenting. Great tips! I need to 1. You always have awesome posts Jessica! Just try to give people real life tips that help with what we all struggle with! Hope you enjoy all the veggies this summer! This is a great guide to creating a healthy summer cookout. Thanks Marisa! Thanks for all of this! You have no idea how excited I am for a about 2 weeks from now. Forget self-indulgent multi-paragraph manifestos — these easy-to-follow recipes from Curry are waffle-free.

You can substitute the shrimp for chicken, tofu, or beef, says Curry, and the brown rice for cauliflower rice.

Many packages also contain preservatives to keep them fresh; chlorine and ozone are sprayed on the vegetables to delay spoilage. Try to buy whole fruits and vegetables, and wash and cut them right before you will eat them; the difference in taste is impossible to ignore. Another good way to get more healthy foods into your diet is to eat more high-quality proteins.

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However, considering how common the use of antibiotics in chicken farming is in the US, it could be a better idea to switch to turkey, which is a safer option in terms of additives. Can you say no to a better night sleep as a graduate student? I thought so. When it comes to sleep quality, another thing you should be mindful about is the time at which you sip your coffee and how much you consume in a day. Coffee is the elixir of life for us graduate students, but it can take up to eight hours to be metabolized.

So, if you go to sleep at pm and want to wake up the day feeling well-rested, try to avoid drinking coffee after pm, and aim to not exceed mg of caffeine per day. It is also noteworthy that consuming coffee right after your meals significantly decreases the absorption of some minerals and vitamins in your food, such as iron. I looooove meal-prepping!

EASY MEAL PREP WITH ME! - Beginners Guide To Meal Prep

As a chemical engineer, I have this an obsession with knowing what exactly is in each of my meals. With a little preparation, you can bring your own food to campus and know that you have made something delicious and healthy not to mention cost-efficient! The containers you use to carry your food to campus can also be unhealthy. Glass containers are a much safer option to avoid those chemicals. If you would like to learn more about how those chemicals affect our bodies and how serious they are, I recommend the Swedish documentary Submission by Stefan Jarl.

With a few simple changes, it is possible to eat healthier!