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From a purely propagandistic point of view, this emphasis thus far has worked to the benefit of the Islamic State in that it has been able to gain the mass numbers of recruits from all over the world in order to fight its battles. However, it is equally clear that the use of this apocalyptic imagery has not persuaded the vast majority of Muslims, or more significantly the religious leadership the ulama of the truth of their claims. The standard Muslim apocalyptic narrative is closely related to that developed in the classical Roman-Byzantine world first by Jews cf.

Matthew 24, 2 Peter 3 and especially the book of Revelation and probably by Zoroastrians as well. In function, the apocalypse is designed to move the audience towards the belief that the world is about to come to an end, and to supply a series of usually ever increasingly terrifying events that will culminate either in the messianic age, the final judgment or the actual end of the world.


The most obvious purpose of an apocalypse is to influence a mass audience toward significant spiritual change that would be driven by terror lest the events described come to pass. Although Muslim apocalypses are closely related to this type of classical apocalypse there are significant deviations from the classical norms. Classical apocalypses frequently included the element of a journey to heaven and hell , and a revelation of cosmic mysteries through the agency of an angel. In contrast to classical apocalypses, this fact severely limited the growth of the formal literary apocalypse, and ensured that the narratives remained fragments.

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This contextless form makes it difficult to speak of the trends in the Muslim apocalypse. Others consist of question and answer sessions or dramatic warnings of events due to arise in the near or distant future. The content of the Muslim apocalypse, like its classical predecessor, is designed to drive the audience towards group repentance or to at least withdraw from the sinful society preparatory to the imminent end of the world. Since the form of the Muslim apocalypse denies us a coherent time-line of the events of the end of the world, we must rely to some extent upon the reconstruction of Muslim scholars see below who have artificially created such a time-line.

The Lesser Signs are those moral, social, political, environmental and cosmic events that are dramatic enough or catastrophic enough to herald the imminent end of the world in an incontrovertible manner. Most of them are rooted in historically attested events or are at least thinly veiled social commentary.

The Rise of ISIS

Not all of the Lesser Signs have actually occurred from a historical point of view , but enough have that an apocalyptic writer or preacher can usually cite them to gain some credibility, because they prove ex post facto that the Prophet Muhammad knew about these events beforehand. There is no agreement upon number of the Lesser Signs: some authorities list up to , while others cite smaller numbers.

From the literary apocalyptic point of view, the two most fruitful types of signs were the moral apocalyptic signs , which enabled the apocalyptic writer to critique the society, and the descriptions of the wars with the Byzantines and sometimes other enemies that enabled Syrian based apocalyptic writers to create something closely akin to a classical apocalyptic story.

This latter type of apocalypse presented the wars of the Muslims, usually based in northern Syria, with the Byzantines as one of the primary events heralding the end, and worked most of the Greater Signs of the Hour into this framework. The Greater Signs of the Hour are far more important for the apocalyptic writers. These signs are sufficiently dramatic or catastrophic that it would be impossible for anybody to be ignorant of their occurrence. The former, unfortunately, are rarely straightforward, and frequently hide their precise identification behind obfuscations created by the authors.

These can include symbolic language, indirect references, nick-names, or words having gematrical [1] value that relate to the true subject of the apocalypse. Occasionally, however, the references are so obscure or so nonsensical that they raise the question of whether there actually is a referent at all. Although these apocalypses are apparently easier to date, they are also much less likely to survive, as the incentive to preserve material that is demonstratably false is low. Other local apocalyptic material from eastern Persia and Central Asia is usually synthesized from the sources listed above, and is later.

With these two authors one can see the reactive nature of later apocalyptic writing. Clearly for him, apocalypse was part of the history writing process.

Apocalypses continue to be important into the present time. With four new Gear cards, the game takes on a whole new dimension the Grind-o-Verse! Online only—not available in stores! All four parts are now available to download and read for FREE. Part 4 is a do-not-miss release.

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