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They were, however, unreliable, often defecting to the winning side, and sometimes even refusing to obey orders. Instead of tolerating problems as did other leaders, Gustav took the first step toward solving them. His reforms set the standard for conscription and the national conscript armies that would dominate Europe for the next century and a half. This was common at the time, and of the 36, men that landed with him at Usedom in , about half were soldiers of fortune.

This proportion continued to increase: In three-fourths were hirelings and in approximately nine-tenths of his ,man force were so. Nevertheless, there always remained an important native Swedish corps around which his army was formed. But the most important reason he was able to control his mercenaries was the fact that he won. Gustav let Protestant Swedes support their religious cause in Germany for fear of Catholic Habsburg hegemony. Gustav spent most of a year unsuccessfully negotiating with the various German electors for permission to pass through their territories.

Then on May 20, , Count Tilly, the imperialist Habsburg general, sacked the Protestant city of Magdeburg, which broke out in flames; about 20, civilians perished. The Protestant electors delayed no longer, setting their energies and resources behind Gustav. So when Leipzig was besieged, Gustav, with the aid of the elector of Saxony, marched to relieve the beleaguered city. Tilly took the field with 21, foot and 10, horse, while Gustav mustered a total of 28, foot supported by 13, horse.

The Habsburg cavalry, stressed by the continuous bombardment, broke ranks and charged. He was able to quickly change fronts, shifting his cavalry and his infantry reserves to his unprotected flank. The Swedish king then charged from the right at the head of his cavalry, capturing the Habsburg guns and turning them on their owners. The imperial troops fought desperately, but the relentless firepower of the Swedes devastated them, and in the ensuing fight the imperialists were routed. The Habsburg army under Count Tilly suffered 8, killed or wounded, and an additional 9, either deserted or were captured.

The Swedes lost fewer than 3, men, and captured all of the imperial guns plus 20 regimental banners. It heralded the coming of 18th-century tactics, and the sole use of the gun in combat. There Gustav died at the head of a charge. The battle was won, but the war went on for another 16 years.

Warfare Solutions Loaded with the Lion of Judah - Volume 3

Under the leadership of Cardinal Richelieu and fearing Habsburg hegemony, Catholic France entered the war on the Protestant side. This tipped the balance of the war in favor of Sweden and her allies, devastating Germany in the process. Even the best army in the world cannot win in the hands of an incompetent general, and this Gustav was not.

Many of the earlier reformers, Maurice of Nassau foremost, were not able either to enact their reforms or use them effectively in battle, but Gustav accomplished both. His ability to effectively combine improved firepower and mobility was his greatest attribute, and has been an important factor in the success of generals such as Rommel and units such as the first Air Cavalry. Click here to cancel reply. There are moments in military history that forever alter the flow of human events. Times when the very landscape appears to shift. In the annals of military history magazines, this is one of those moments.

It changed the world more than any other single event in history. There have been countless thousands of published works devoted to all or of it. WWII Quarterly, the hardcover journal of the Second World War that is not available in bookstores or on newsstands, and can only be obtained and collected through a personal subscription through the mail. Third Army Eighth Air Force. Grant Robert E. Lee J. Stuart William T. No comments. Categories: Military History. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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    Warfare Solutions Loaded with the Lion of Judah - Volume 3

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