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Most of the others date from the last three hundred years or so, though the hillside white horse can be a slippery creature, and the origins of some are impossible to establish with any certainty. This site concentrates on the Wiltshire horses, but aims to include all known hillside white horses in Britain and elsewhere, and includes some which are not chalk hill carvings but have been created by other methods.

It does not cover hill figures other than white horses. Top of page. Your browser does not support style sheets css , or you have css support turned off - you should see all the content of this page, but the page may not display as it is meant to. Wiltshire White Horses The chalk horses of Wiltshire: their history and their locations wiltshirewhitehorses.

Further tragedy hit her and it was only the wise words of Wilma and Charlie that kept her sane. But could she make her own way in the world? White Horses by Aussie author Rachael Treasure is an intriguing look at life and its journey in the vast countryside of Western Australia. Heartbreak and courage, loss and tragedy — the story has a powerful message.

It was overly wordy and too descriptive in places in my opinion, which I feel would have benefitted a tighter editing, but overall the coming of age story is a poignant and heartfelt one. With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review. View all 4 comments. Aug 16, Shelleyrae at Book'd Out rated it it was ok Shelves: arc-are , aussie-author , aww , netgalley-reviews.

When I started making notes to write this review of White Horses by Rachael Treasure, I was disheartened to realise that on balance, the negatives for me outweighed the positives. I liked Drift aka Melody Wood well enough, she is smart, capable, idealistic, and feisty but also insecure and a bit naive.

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Her unusual upbringing, spent droving with her father, certainly seemed to have had some benefits, especially when it came to her connection with the land and the environment, but I was a little bothered that the author seemed to consider her isolation from her peers and unfamiliarity with technology somehow laudable. My biggest issue with the book however was the lack of repercussions for the men who assaulted Drift. It appeared that in both instances there were no formal charges laid against any of the men for the attacks on her though it was hinted that they eventually faced consequences for other crimes.

View all 6 comments. Aug 03, Theresa Smith rated it did not like it Shelves: netgalley , australian-novels , aww She interrupted her monologue and swung around to the pigeonhole mailboxes and gathered up a large bundle for Drift. Over four months? And not from the same bloke neither. Frankly, as a resident of rural Australia myself, this sort of rot is offensive and intolerable.

And the author had the gall to preface this chapter with metoo. Maybe this is an excellent book. But with a start like this, I have sub-zero interest in finding out. Jul 11, Catherine rated it it was amazing. What a great read!

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Such a gorgeous, all-consuming story! Chockful of heart and soul, courage and warmth. But so many of the other supporting characters I love too, Wilma and Charlie What a great read! And the descriptions of the landscape, the animals, all so beautiful and vivid. And I love how Rachael gets across her ideas about sustainable farming and nurturing the land — the property called The Planet is so inspiring to read about! Just a great Australian story, totally engrossing.

Oct 30, Tracey rated it it was ok Shelves: , australian , crime , fiction , romance. Their life is simple and uncomplicated until celebrity surfer Kai goes missing at sea. Yet, Melody is not alone she has a strong group of women who support her and guide her through the good and difficult times. I have to be honest and admit I really struggled with this novel.

One of the issues was the blurb that announces that Melody is brutally sexually assaulted and while reading you are waiting for this event to happen and guess who the culprit is.

Mind you when all is realised and revealed, there is no surprise as it is a very ugly male character. One of the other issues I had was with the dialogue as in some sections it was overly formal. Mind you, I did love the use of Australian colloquialisms sprinkled throughout the book as it certainly has some unique phrases. The strength of the book lies in the central character Melody who has to overcome several hurdles in her journey to enlightenment. I say that as Melody seems to have no driving force except to find herself.

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The opportunities that open up for Melody are gifted to her or an idea is suggested by those around her. While I found Melody to be a character who was vulnerable, flawed and able to develop resilience she just seemed to coast along without any real purpose until the end. The other characters are interesting and form some interesting counterpoints. The whole needing to find oneself at the expense of others just did not work for me regardless of how ripped his abs are!

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I am not sure why so many people felt disposed to help him in this quest given he did not display any redeeming qualities. It came across as a bit hippy cultish and I was kind of waiting for everyone to break out in group singing session after dinner. Despite all the negatives that I have, Treasure can write. Her descriptions, the pacing are wonderful but it was just elements of the story that I struggled with. This was just not a book for me but I am sure others will love it.

Sep 16, Tracy rated it did not like it. Chapter 6 was as far as I got. A missing mother, a weirdo father and a sad daughter whose troubles just keep getting worse - not for me. I must admit I struggle to see where the average of 4 stars comes from Aug 14, Sharon Jarvis rated it it was amazing. Rachael Treasure has a very easy to read writing style that allows the story to flow and creates believable characters. Love the down to earth and gutsy Australian setting and characters in White Horses.

The colloquiums are so endearing and ring so true for the Australian rural environment. A very compelling read which kept me captivated throughout. As well as an enjoyable story there were also some interesting issues raised about living in rural Australia. Highly recommended read for this genre. Thank you to Netgalley and publisher HarperCollins Australia for a ebook copy to read and review Aug 08, Maria rated it it was amazing. Congratulations Rachael on another wonderful novel.

Thought provoking on a number of levels.

White Horses

Drift is a very likeable girl who faces numerous challenges but is supported by some strong but caring women. Every girls needs a Charlie, Wilma or Sophia in their life to encourage strength and self belief. While Drift has an unconventional childhood in someways it seems far less complicated without social media pressure and the pressure to conform. To feel like I was out Congratulations Rachael on another wonderful novel. To feel like I was out on the land and in vast open spaces is a wonderful escapism and the pleasure of reading a really good book.

Highly recommend. Aug 07, Anna rated it really liked it.

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This is Rachael's best book yet. It's an utterly absorbing story of a young woman at a crossroads, who gradually learns to pick up the reins of her own life. A brilliant mix of earthy tongue-in-cheek humour, complicated family dynamics, romance, a search for identity and all set in the beautiful wilds of WA. Drift is a brilliant heroine, flawed, insecure, feisty, determined and challenged.

And as a city girl I really loved all the insight into farming and agriculture, plus the gorgeous animals. Nov 03, Lyn rated it really liked it. Although I enjoyed this book, I did have some reservations. Top marks for having some strong female characters and calling out male bad behaviour. I liked the themes of environmental awareness, fame and its problems,love, family and friendship.

Sometimes the environmental themes became almost preachy, and repetitive. guest review guidelines

The visions etc were a bit much for me. But overall, I enjoyed Drift's journey and appreciated the wonderful Australian setting. Oct 11, Anna Loder rated it really liked it. I thought this was a great Australian read. I loved all the stars aligning, all the woo woo, all the passion and drive the author obviously feels for our planet and the path we are on. I loved the alternative farming ideas. The wise women and seasons and moons. Sep 13, Ita rated it liked it Shelves: australian-authors , author-event.